Often my personal blog and business blog cross paths.  Since organization is one of the keys to my sanity, I find that topics related to organization fit well on both of my blogs.  If you follow both blogs, then you will want to skip this post today!

Here is my latest little organization project around the house.

We have this little space that is between the garage, mudroom, and kitchen.  It is nothing more than a little transition space so that you don’t enter straight into the kitchen from the garage.  This little space had a plain, tall, white wall.  And since it is right off the kitchen and mudroom, I thought it was the perfect space to create an organizational area for the family.

Steve did the hard part for me by first priming the wall with a magnetic primer followed by a coat of chalkboard paint.  Now I have a 10 foot wall that is a giant magnetic chalkboard.  Next I hung a few corkboard squares and made some new magnet folders that are perfect for filing away little slips of paper that come home from school for the boys.  You know those tiny reminders and permission forms that seem to get lost in the shuffle.  Now I’m ready to organize.

Using magnets I hung the boys’ reading charts and chore charts straight on the wall.  Next I filled Zachary’s folder with sight words and Jacob’s with spelling words.  And the final touch was writing tomorrow’s agenda, menu, and verse that needs to be drilled into my children’s heads!  Oh, and of course, I left some fun black space at just the right height for those sweet little hands to draw me pictures tomorrow.

(Sigh) I am at peace now that all these little odds and ends have a home.

PS.  I realize that complaining is misspelled.  Oops! :)